Help your employees make the most of their money.

Addition supports employees by providing personalized and actionable financial insights.

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Our Approach

We deliver tailored programs that help decrease employee stress, drive higher candidate acceptance rates, and increase overall employee retention.

Addition helps your employees understand their unique financial situations and navigate through tough decisions, whether they are buying their first home, paying down debt, making equity decisions or planning for retirement.

The experience

Employees choose how they want to engage

Digital Tools

Explore different scenarios to learn how decisions can lead to various financial outcomes. Everything is based on your specific unique financial situation, and we then deliver actionable insights.

Financial Professionals

Speak with fully vetted experts by booking an online virtual meeting. Simply log in and find a time that works for you.

Community Events

Join an Addition session to discuss different financial decisions, from how to think about exercising equity to the home buying process.

Knowledge Center

Finance can be boring and hard to understand. We take the most complex topics and provide them in user-friendly ways that employees can understand.


Bringing together rewards, compensation and personal finances


Driving value for companies & people teams

Financial expertise

Outsource compensation and personal finance questions to CFPs and CPAs

Total rewards

Increase employee and candidate understanding of total rewards

Employee benefits

Empower employees to maximize value of compensation and benefits

Diversity, equity, & inclusion

Embed financial wellbeing into DEI efforts and employee events

Digital experience

Provide end-to-end support and best-in-class experience from offers to onboarding

Recruiting & retention

Enhance your recruiting and retention efforts

Trusted Financial Experts

Unlimited one-on-one sessions for employees

We know that questions come up, and it can be helpful to speak with an expert. Our team of financial professionals is there to help.


Help your employees make the most of their money.